Born Year of The Dog Born Year of the Dog. My first memory was that of when my mother put me into the back of a child car seat, for a long trip to Pennsylvania from Texas. Though I do have flashes of memory from even earlier, however those are out of context. For example I do have a memory of being breastfed, but when or where I don't recall.

    Like many families in the United States, my parents went through a divorce before I got to primary school. As young as I was, I understood the ramifications of what was happening, but didn't understand why. It was not until I was much older that I learned for many this is just a fact of life. I was very fortunate grow up with a younger brother, and by the time I got to middle school, I also had two younger sisters. All of whom I love very much.

    I was very happy to get into one of the best High schools in America, Communication Arts of San Antonio. While there I was a student council leader for three years, and graduated with the Texas Distinguished Diploma, the best in the country. I was the kind of student that didn't worry about grades or academia, as that kind of thing came easily to me and even got top scores in all standardized test including the SAT's.

    I went on to graduate from St. Mary's University in the field of Political Science. I have over 15 years’ experience working with and maintaining computers. My first real IT Job was while I was in High School working for the Tech Department at Best Buy before they became known as Geek Squad, however my love of computers dates much farther back. In fact I remember my first toy as being an IBM Portable Suit Case sized Notebook. Before I even made it to Secondary School, I was tearing apart and putting back together electronics, purposely breaking my PC and trying to figure out how to fix it. As I matured I learned the intricacies of using different operating systems, and continued learning how the back end of different systems worked. Even today I find myself always learning while I now work with Linux, networks and security environments.

    For a large part of my early adult life, I made the decision to move to and live in South Korea. I didn't even tell my parents until I had the airplane tickets that I would be leaving. It was in South Korea, where I met the two greatest loves of my Life. What do I mean by two? Well, that's a story in itself. Basically though, I was young, and didn't realize my first love, Kyoung Min was really my true love, and she became my lost love. However, because of her I stayed in Korea to eventually meet my beautiful wife, Lily, whom I now am happy to have a family with including my beautiful daughter Iris Ji Eun. Fortunately I love my wife very much, and maintain good friendship with Sidong.

    Lily, Iris and I are about to start a new chapter in our lives going back to the United States where we will live. Only time will tell what our future holds in store for us. I for one look forward to it.


    Malware Removal
    Metasploit Database
    Coding Languages (HTML, CSS, PHP, Python, Java, MySQL, Android)
    Windows 3.1 to Windows 8
    Linux (Ubuntu Server, Debian, BackTrack, Kali)
    Information Security Auditing
    Storage Area Networks / Network Shares
    Social Engineering
    Hardware Troubleshooting
    Among others.

    Update: WOW . I need to update this after 5 years! o.O -- Steven 2019