• Lily


    A Pisces born year of the Dog. She is both loving and hard working.

    Hobbies include working, and watching ‎Korean Drama where everyone cries. She also loves pestering the husband to do housework and chores.

  • Iris JiEun


    She's a baby. She is cute. Everyone loves little JiEun.

    Enjoys breaking things, climbing over furniture, and poo'ing.

    Interesting fact: She only crawled for two months before she learned to walk before the age of one.

  • Steven

    The Dude

    Pisces here too. Yes, I am a Trekker. I like many things.

    Science, fact and the pursuit of knowledge. What else can I say?

  • Iris before birth in 4d Ultrasound.
  • With Aunt Summer and Iris JiEun.
  • First trip to America.
  • A family portrait.
  • Already Breaking Hearts.
  • Iris' First Bubble Bath.
  • Started climbing around 14 months.
  • Cousin Na-Eun
  • Steven as a Baby
  • Photoshop Artwork
  • Grandpa and Ji-Eun
  • Grandma with Baby Iris
  • Great Grandma and Baby Iris
  • First Birthday celebration in San Antonio.
  • Born in Bundang, Dec. 16th - Same day as her Great Grandfather.
  • Taken in Namyangju, South Korea.
  • Seoul Subway.
  • She's not afraid to climb anything!
  • 63 Tower in Seoul.
  • Apartment Complex Playground.
  • Iris looks like a roasting chicken.
  • Mad Hacke... Pen Tester.
  • Mommy is having more fun than baby.
  • S-Line
  • Aunt Lisa and Great Grandma
  • I ownz you b*thc!
  • Poo Poo in the potty.
  • Eating Food and Emotions.
  • Photoshop fun.
  • Iris wearing Hanbok, Korean Traditional Clothing.
  • She talks in her sleep.
  • Extended Family
  • The Bennetts
  • Uncle John and Uncle Rob
  • Vulcan Baby, Iris is really from Vulcan.
  • Helping with the chores.
  • Super Omma
  • S Line
  • Brains... Brai..nzzz...