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If you ask others about me, who I am, or what they think of me, no doubt you will get a lot of different opinions. My wife, I would hope would tell you I am a loving husband and a good father. My co-workers may describe me as punctual, hardworking, and somewhat of a wizard with what I do. My parents may tell you they are proud of me, and so on and so on.

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    March 1st 1982
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    English, Korean
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    Linux, Hydroponics, Astronomy
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I often ask myself who I am. I have few basic tenants or a code that I follow. This includes keeping an open mind when it comes to science, fact and the pursuit of knowledge. I am agnostic by nature and regard free thought as core.

Growing up in the heart of Texas, I have pursued scientific, social, and technological challenges my entire life. I spent my early adult hood pursuing those challenges in South Korea, eventually marrying and starting a multicultural family.

The next chapter of my life brought me back to my home town of San Antonio with my new family. Here, I have started an exciting career working with large global IT systems while navigating the Linux OS seas.

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Linux Admin

I have both RHCSA/RHCE & AWS certifications with currently 8 years of on the job experience working with Linux Webservers and systems. I specialize in the AWS Platform and dabble in Azure as well as GCP as part of my professional day job.



I have worked with various Content Management Systems such as Wordpress, Magento, Drupal and others. I am also aware of best practices for these environments.


Securing corporate & government environments are a constant up hill battle. This encompass considerations for keeping up-to-date software, security patches and malware protections.


From time to time, I also find it valuable to know a little coding here and there.


I’ve never had a bad experience working with our support team but Steven took it to the next level helping out a new Managed Ops Cloud Customer. It was perfect! The customer was hosting w/ another company and they dropped the ball with no experience on what they were doing. The call was frantic, but we were able to iron on their specific needs. They did not have time to manage, configure, update the server so they really saw the value with our Managed Ops Service Level as their launch date is this Monday! I reached out to Steven, told him the whole story and he was ready to rock and roll. The handoff was seamless, got him in touch with our new customer and immediately got to work. He killed the call, it was like I was in Fanatical Support Heaven.

Justin Gonzalez

I just wanted to let you know that I’m very impressed with a recent ticket we received from Steven Bennett to our Cloud Movers queue. He took the time to think of a few questions our team may ask a customer about their environment and provided several pieces of information that outlined the scope of the migration request. Steven’s warm hand-off via ticket clearly conveyed expectations to the customer and allowed our team to easily identify if we would be able to help or another migration service would be the better option for the customer’s migration goals. Although we ended up not being the right team for this one, we were able to quickly make the appropriate recommendation to the customer for partners that could help. Hats off to Steven for setting appropriate expectations, anticipating our next steps, and enabling the customer being pointed in the right direction sooner than later! Steven clearly demonstrated what Fanatical Support looks like!

Emily Richter

Steven did a stellar job of working this event. There were some rough spots and he exercised excellent judgment in calling in reinforcements when appropriate. Not to mention Steven is just a joy to work with.


Huge thanks to Steve, Jason, and Tim at @rackspace for all of their incredible help over the weekend!


"Server issues on a Saturday. Fun times. Thank god for @Rackspace support.- Twitter shout out." Nice work Steven! Thanks for making it happen.

Odus Wittenburg


Cloud Administrator IV - Rackspace, USA

2020 - Present

AWS, GCP, Azure, Linux & Windows. It's all the same now. Automation eveywhere. Clients range in every possible class from corprate to government. CJIS Cleared, RHEL & AWS Certified.

Linux Systems Administrator II - Rackspace, USA.


Great responsibility comes with those who have the knowledge. As I have advanced, I have taken on greater and greater responsibility. This includes managing my team, to working with high value customers all the while providing fanatical support.

Linux Systems Administrator I - Rackspace, USA


I came into Rackspace knowing very little about Linux. At the time it was a hobby more than anything, however Rackspace saw a spark in me that gave them reason to give me a shot. Over the coarse of two years, I learned incredibly much thanks to the support of my team and upper management. I have been told I have become an invaluable part of the team and have worked very hard to become a great support tech.

ESL - South Korea


Want a free ticket to travel to the other side of the world right out of college? Teaching English as a Second Language (ESL) was my ticket to see and experience many wonderful things the world over. Here I exercised leadership in managing cross-cultural, educational teams, and grew into the responsible adult I am today.


St. Mary's University

San Antonio, Texas 2001-2006

St. Mary's was named by Washington Monthly as first in the nation in the category of Master’s Universities for promoting an ethic of service to country; fostering scientific and humanistic research; and performing as an engine of social mobility. I graduated with a major in Political Science and minor in International Relations.

Communication Arts High School

San Antonio, Texas Class of 2001

Communications Arts High School is a magnet school in the Northside Independent School District of San Antonio, Texas, United States. Founded in 1995, it has consistently placed the highest of any San Antonio high school on the "Newsweek magazine's America's Top Public High Schools list" since its inception in 2006. I graduated using the highest level of guidelines as established by the Distinguished Achievement Program (DAP), and receiving the Texas Distinguished Diploma.


Assuming 25% as Novice expertise in the following technologies, I have rated myself the following:

Bash Scripting


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Please feel free to reach out to me!.

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    San Antonio, TX USA
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    Was so 1997...

Random Fact: I love Star Trek


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